Inquisitor Lytta Cain

Inquisitor Lytta Cain is a young, disarmingly attractive woman, known for her single-minded loyalty to the Emperor. Now her early 20’s, Inquisitor Cain began serving the Empire when she joined COMPNOR’s local SAGroup chapter and turned in her Grandparent’s for harboring Jedi. When asked how she knew they were hiding Force-sensitives, she replied that, although she never saw them, she felt them in the basement. Her answer prompted her COMPNOR handler to send her to the Inquisitorius for screening. She was found to have a strong enough Force potential to undergo the trials, and upon completing them was sent to the Seswenna Sector in the Outer Rim Territories to support Imperial Intelligence interrogation efforts and search for Rogue Jedi.

Inquisitor Cain has since distinguished herself in service to the Empire as one of the best interrogators on the outer rim. Her preferred method of interrogation is to use her looks and wits to disarm a subject while using the Force to slowly worm a mind probe through the subjects brain. Finding a path through their memories, she can usually acquire the information she is looking for without the subject ever being aware that she was there. Of course, when she has what she wants, she finds the weakest point or most painful memories in the brain and squeezes with the Force creating unendurable pain. Many of her subjects die from the agony and only the most strong willed of those who survive retain their sanity. It’s said that one can see the black glow of the Dark Side around Inquisitor Cain after she completes an interrogation. The phenomenon is a by-product of her feeding on the pain, hate and fear of her subjects as she crushes their mind.

Cain’s base of operations in the Seswenna Sector is the top secret Descry Station. She has recently been hunting a Zabrak Force adapt and his sister through the sector, and caught a break in the case when Lt. Kalico’s intelligence team brought in an Ubese slicer with knowledge of the twins.

Physical Description:
Height: 1.75 meters. Hair: Dark Brown. Eyes: Green. Skin: Tan. Lytta has a toned, well proportioned body. Her slightly wide-set emerald eyes seem to pierce into one’s soul. She is considered by most to be one of the most beautiful humans they have seen. She could easily have been a model or a major holo-star and she has caught the eye of many imperial suitors when she is on Couruscant. She normally wears form-fitting clothes under her dark maroon Inquisitor Robes. The purpose of her clothes are two fold, they are easy to move in when she has to use her violet bladed lightsaber, and they show her amazing body when she needs to play the looks card.

Personality: For all her good looks, Inquisitor Cain’s personality and and attitude are much better suited for intelligence work than for hobnobbing with Imperial Courtiers. She is brisk and straight forward, focused on serving the Emperor above all else. That being said, she knows how to turn on the charms and frequently does to gather information or during interrogation. With her looks and ability to charm a Hutt out of his dais, many are baffled that she hasn’t manipulated her way into a more prominent station in the Core worlds. Truth be told Lytta would rather work in the Outer Rim, just to avoid the politics and games common to the Core, and she would rather prove herself by her accomplishments than her looks and natural charms.

Inquisitor Lytta Cain

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