Elixir of Infatuation

Love Potion #9


The drinkers of this elixir find themselves infatuated with the first creature which they see for 1d4 +1 hours (successful Will Save negates this effect (DC: 15); if the drinker and the target of infatuation are of the same species suffer a -4 to this save, and if both the target and the drinker are of human and near-human species but of different species the drinker receive a -2 penalty to his save.) If the save fails the drinker must become “helpful” (see Diplomacy skill description) to the target of the infatuation. The target of the infatuation may give orders, but must succeed at an opposed Charisma check to make the drinker do anything “suicidal” or that the drinker would violently protest normally. Any intimidating or threatening actions/words give the drinker another save to break the infatuation. A vial holds a single, tasteless, odorless, transparent dose, which retains its potency when mixed with food or drink. When the effect wears off, the drinker’s attitude toward the target of infatuation returns to its natural feelings.


Elixir of Infatuation

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