Treen Bralisk

Ishi Tib Bounty Hunter


Male, Ishi Tib, Scout/2 Fringer/2 Soldier/2; Initiative +1 ( +1 Dex); Defense 16 (5 Class, 1 Dex); Speed 10m; VP/WP 59/16 Attack +6 Melee, +5 Ranged, Base +4; Saving Throws, Fort +11 ( +8 Base, +3 Ability), Reflex +5( +4 Base, +1 Ability), Will +3( +2 Base, +1 Ability); Force Points 6, Dark Side Points 0; Reputation 1; STR 14, DEX 12, CON 16, INT 20, WIS 12, CHA 14

Credits 6600

Astrogate +13 ( +5INT, +8Ranks), Computer Use +14 ( +5INT, +9Ranks), Demolitions +6 ( +5 INT, +1Ranks), Gather Information +13 ( +2CHA, +9Ranks, +2 MISC), Handle Animal +9( +2CHA, +7Ranks), Intimidate +10( +2CHA, +8Ranks), Knowledge Criminal Organization +14 ( +5INT, +9Ranks), Move Silently +6( +1INT, +5Ranks), Pilot +9 ( +1DEX, +8Ranks), Profession Bounty Hunter +2 ( +1WIS, +1Ranks), Read/Write Tibranese, Basic, Huttese, Speak Huttese, Ride +8 ( +1DEX, +7Ranks), Search +12 ( +5INT, +7Ranks), Spot +8 ( +1WIS, +7Ranks), Swim +6 ( +2STR, +4MISC)

Special Traits
Breathe Underwater: Cannot drown in water; +4 on Swim checks.
Natural Weapon: Beak (1d4 +2 Piercing Damage; Critical: 20; Doesn’t provoke Attack of Opportunity.)
Rage: When you take damage you can choose to Rage; ( +4 STR, +2 VIT per lvl, +2 Fort & Will saves, -2 Defense.) while Raging may not use skills that require concentration. Rage can last 8 rounds. After Rage you become fatigued (-2 STR & DEX, can’t run or charge) for as long as you raged. At the beginning of Rage, you must choose one opponent and must continue attacking the chosen target until the end of the Rage, or until they hit 0 wounds, at which point the Rage ends anyway. During Rage you can only use melee weapons.
Hydration: You must immerse yourself in saltwater for at least 1 minute every day or take 1d4 points of temp CON damage (each day), for becoming dehydrated. You cannot regain any VIT or Wounds by resting while dehydrated. And any character which hits 0 CON dies.


Prax Arms Protector PRP-502 Hold-Out Shooter:
Damage: Dependant on dart type.
Critical: 20
Range Increment: 4m
Type: Piercing
Weight: 0.5kg
Size: Tiny
Special: Fires 4 shots before needing a reload, full-round action to reload; You must tell mike before the start of a scenario what load you are using.
Standard: 1d4 Damage
Toxin: 1d4 if it causes wound damage target gets Fort save (DC: 15), initial damage is 2d6 CON and secondary is 1d6 CON.
Knock-Out: 1d4 if it causes wound damage target gets Fort save (DC: 18), initial damage is 1d6 DEX Secondary is unconsciousness.
Acid: 1d4 Damage each round for 3 rounds or until washed off; Destroys armor, each point of damage reduces the armors damage reduction permanently; Requires a ranged touch attack.
Tracer: No damage, affixes a small track device to the target, With a Tracking computer you can make a Search check for the target; Requires a ranged touch attack.

For your Notes: Your character is carrying the following number of each type of dart 900 Standard Darts; 10 Toxin Darts; 25 Knock-Out Darts; 50 Acid Darts; 50 Tracer Darts. Prices are as follows: 0.5 Credits per Standard Dart, 100 Credits per Toxin Dart, 10 Credits per Knock-Out Dart, 10 Credits per Acid Dart & 20 Credits per Tracer Dart.

Yctor Arms Black Powder Pistol:
Damage: 2d6-2
Critical: 20
Range Increment: 4m
Type: Piercing
Weight: 1.4kg
Size: Small
Special: Must be reloaded after every shot, full-round action to reload

For your Notes: Your character is carrying the Black Powder & Balls to fire 1000 Shots. The Price for the Powder& Balls is 0.1 Credit per Shot, but you purchase it in 50 Shots worth at a time, for 5 Credits.

Personalized Spear:
Damage: 1d8+2
Critical: 20
Range Increment: 4m
Type: Piercing
Weight: 0.75kg
Size: Medium
Special: This Weapon’s weight has been halved, making that the Personalization.

Personalized Kamperdine Clothing Specialists Leather Jerkin:
Armor Type: Light
Max DEX Bonus: +6
Damage Reduction: 1
Armor Check Penalty: -1
Speed: 10m
Weight: 1.5kg
Special: This garment has been custom fitted to your Character, and as such, will fit no one else.

Plains Herd Animal 1
Initiative: +2
Defense: 12
Speed: 12m
Vitality Points: 6
Wound Points: 14
Attack: +0 Melee
o Head butt
 Damage: 1d6
 Critical: 20
o Kick
 Damage: 1d6
 Critical: 20
o Bite
 Damage: 1d4
 Critical: 20
Attack: +2 Ranged
o Spittle
 Damage: None
 Critical: None
 Special: 50% of the time your Nerf will spit on anyone new to it, that is within 10m. Nerf spit emits a terrible odor, and is impossible to clean off without vigorous scrubbing. Anyone hit by the spit suffers a –2 Circumstance penalty to CHA until they wash it off and change clothing.
Special Qualities: Low-light Vision
Saves: Fortitude: +4; Reflex: +2; Will: +0
Size: Medium
Reputation: +4
Attributes: Strength: 11; Dexterity: 15; Constitution: 14; Intelligence: 2; Wisdom: 11; Charisma: 1
o Hide: +9
o Survival: +7

Alliwon Electronics Vennoc-X Chronometer: Tells time on 1000 Worlds and info about those places can be stored in it. Has a timed alarm that can be set to auditory or vibratory, and has a 4 cm square concealed compartment, large enough for one credit chit or circuit chip.
BCC OnmiNode Communications Set: Size of a small backpack, Range of 50km overland or up to any standard orbit. Weight: 2kg.
Culcanis MicroInstruments Tagger: Can track Tracing Darts. Weight: 0.1kg.
Electrobinoculars: Reduces Distance penalties on spot, and provides range data, relative and true azimuths, and elevation & has radiation & Night Vision settings. Weight: 1kg.
Fusion Lanterns: When turned on this lantern spreads light in a 10m radius of illumination. Your character has 2. Weight: 2kg.
Glow Rod: When turned on this projects a beam of light up to 10m. Weight: 1kg.

Class Features

Trailblazing: You may make a Survival check to reduce the groups travel time. The result determines how much faster the group moves, but a bigger group makes this harder.
Bonus Class Skill (Astrogate): Every time you take a level as a Fringer Astrogate is ALWAYS a class skill.
Barter: +5 Bonus on all Diplomacy checks to buy or sell good or equipment.


Armor Proficiency (Light)
Cosmopolitan (Gather Information): GI is always a class skill & you get +2 Bonus to it.
Starship Operation (Space Transport)
Track: You may make a Survival check to find or follow tracks on the ground, difficulty is dependant on where you are tracking, and what you are tracking.
Weapon Group Proficiency (Blaster Pistols)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Blaster Rifles)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Heavy)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Primitive)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Simple)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Slugthrowers)
Weapon Group Proficiency (Vibro)
Weapon Focus (Primative)


At a young age I was always good at puzzles & I was always one of the smartest kids in school. As time went on, I found that it was easier to lay low & keep it so that no one noticed me; the less people looked at me, or even remembered me, the better. When I was about 15 years old someone in the village I’m from went missing & I was among the first to really notice that it wasn’t just by chance. I asked around & slowly put together what happened. After finding out that the person that was missing & who took them before anyone else in the village, I just sat back & waited to see if I was right. After a few other people started looking around they found the same things that I did. After finishing school in the village, I decided that I would like to pursue “searching” for people as an occupation, I thought about it & figured that it wouldn’t be a bad means of making some money. When the Empire started to rise, I found my opening & started at the bottom. Working my way up always hoping to impress the Emperor. When I was assigned to this unit to use my specialties & apprehend in the name of the Emperor I found my chance, & I plan on doing my best to prove that the faith shown in me is not misplaced. Besides, I’d like to make some extra money while doing it, if at all possible.

Treen Bralisk

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