Kor Ranckhor

The Information Broker


Kor Ranckhor: Male Huralok Fringer 6; Init +1 ( +1 Dex); Defense 16 ( +5 class, +1 Dex); Spd 8m; VP/WP 35/14; Atk + 6 melee (1d6 +2, claws), + 6 melee (1d10 +2, Axe), +5 ranged; SQ Barter, Bonus Class Skill (Bluff, Sense Motive), Contact (Imperial Procurement Agent, Hutt Minion), Blackmail, Natural Weapons (Claws 1d6 +2); SV Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +4; SZ M; FP 6; DSP 0; Rep +1; Str 14, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 17.

Equipment: Axe (1d10 +2, 20, 5kg, Slashing, Large), Cigarettes (6 cases = 120 packs = 2400 cigs), Dress Clothing (3 sets), Elixir of Infatuation (6 vials), Zetsumei (Domesticated Armadid), Portable Listening Array, Basic Spying Equipment.

Skill: Bluff +12, Diplomacy +14, Gather Information +14, Handle Animal +8, Intimidate +10, Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +8, Listen +10, Ride +10, Sense Motive +11, Spot +5.

Feats: Alertness, Cosmopolitan (Diplomacy), Cosmopolitan (Gather Information), Cosmopolitan (Intimidate), Weapon Group Proficiency (Primitive, Simple).

Physical Description: Kor is short, even for his species, standing a mere 1.23 meters tall. He is stocky, with a fat, round belly and a flabby chest. His skin is chocolate brown and his eyes are gold. His hair is long and dark-brown, pulled back into a very tight braid, tied tightly at the bottom with a thick leather band, and has long bangs in the front which are pulled to the side to keep them out of his eyes. His teeth are all capped, gleaming white, and his bottom-right incisor is gold plated. He has a black and gray spiral tattooed on his left cheek, and on the left side of his neck he has a Red Imperial crest tattooed barely visibly over his shirt collar, also on his left shoulder he has a large tattoo of the credits symbol. He wears a very expensive, finely tailored sleeveless crimson suit, with a large black belt; he wears a long black bowtie and he wears no shoes. Kor most often also wears a satiny, flowing, brown cape, with gold embroidery, which is slightly frayed at the bottom. Kor carries a large yellow fire axe, which has been chipped up with years of usage. He also carries portable listening equipment, and a small silver briefcase full of Imperial issue spying equipment. He is rarely seen without a sweet-smelling cigarette, made from a plant in the Outer Rim; when he is not smoking he gets irritable. Though they are banned and an embargo makes them extremely rare, Kor never seems to have a problem getting his hands on these cigarettes, and always has a few packs on hand.

He rides a domesticated armadid, which he has taken with him every time he has left Coruscant for the last several years. It is an average looking armadid, but it has its nose pierced and a big gold ring in it. The armadid is named Zetsumei, and is aggressive if cornered, even though it’s domesticated. Zetsumei wears a collar and had a saddle on it’s back, and has long gold chains as reigns. Zetsumei can be ridden by anyone he is comfortable with, and responds well to any of five commands, including the command to attack.


Kor Ranckhor, like nearly all Huraloks, was born on Djurmo. He was born to a poor family in a small village on the edge of a volcanic vent. As a child a viral pandemic swept through and killed the majority of his village, save for his family and the family of his betrothed. Despite the fact that they were alone, he was a happy child through most of his childhood and teenage years, though he always wished he had a more credits in his pocket. Like most of his species he was prone to fits of anger, and not quick to cool off, especially during his adolescence, during which he actually managed to ostracize himself even further, by driving a wedge between himself and all of the Huraloks his age in the surrounding villages though acts of sheer unbridled aggression. By the time he was an adult, around the age of twenty-five, he had only a few republic credits to his name, and only one friend left, his bride to be Anka Eranda. He married her, and his thirtieth birthday, and the two of them planned on starting to give in to their wanderlust. They found passage off of Djurmo, and out of the Inner Rim, within five months as crewmembers onboard a pirate ship captained by a Huralok.

They spent nine years traveling, with the pirate crew, and though he never developed any serious combat skills, he developed a silver tongue which was often more effective than his shipmates’ vibroaxes. Through the travels he started to feel connected more and more to his wife and the galaxy as a whole. He began keeping tabs on as much of the news as he was capable, and reading everything he could get his hands on that concerned current events, and Anka was happy enough to assist in anyway possible. In spite of his anger, and the fact that he was generally unpleasant, he started to grow a network of friends, loyal friends, across the galaxy. He was more than happy to be left unpaid for any job or favor, as long as it meant that he was owed a favor in return. He started to show bravery in all sorts of occasions and was eventually asked to leave the pirate crew when his “ideals” started to conflict with those of the other pirates; he often stood in the way of a robbery of an important noble so as to be owed an important debt at a later time, alienating his captain and crewmates.

When he was forty, he and Anka were living on Coruscant and he had just recently ingratiated himself into local criminal and police organizations, and for thirst time ever was making himself a small pile of credits, the Clone Wars broke out. By this point he was notoriously capable of finding out anything about the movements of the senate, and saw the impending storm rising. He reported to the police on the movement of the criminal organizations, and vice versa, and the whole time kept his finger on the pulse of the bureaucracy. At that point, assuming the price was right, he could find out absolutely anything on anyone who was worth knowing about, and was protected from on high, by friends in the upper levels of the Hutt families, the Coruscanti police, and even the senate. He was capable of making a friend of almost anyone, and often did, just for the sake of having connections all over the place. As the Clone Wars plodded on, Kor and Anka started to consider having children, for stability was starting to settle in for them. He was even occasionally approached by Jedi to find information, or spread misinformation, and since they paid well he did what was required.

News occasionally trickled in on the state of Djurmo, and Kor and Anka’s families wrote regularly. He was forty-three when order sixty-six went out; and his only son, Tran, was born the day the order went out. Within a few days he was sent a holorecording from his home prefecture on Djurmo. An Anx Jedi Knight, running from a horde of clone troopers, and trying to avoid both an erupting volcano and a major village, drove the clone troopers directly through his parents’ yard and the stray blaster bolts he deflected were firing directly into the house, as were the shots of the clones. The recording continued until the Anx Jedi was completely overwhelmed, and was twitching on the ground. The documentarian then went into his house and recorded footage of his parents, and Anka’s father, ripped to pieces by the blaster bolts. Kor could have blamed the Empire, but being that the Jedi chose to drive the battle directly through their property, without checking to see what was around, he blamed that Jedi, and used his vast net of spies and informants to track down and report the position of any Jedi he could. In doing so, he became a vital information broker for the Empire and despite the fact that he was an alien, and couldn’t officially join the Imperial Army, he was now completely devoted to the Imperial cause. His wife was not quite as passionate as he was about the Imperial cause, but she supported him in his decision.

For two years now, Kor has been ingratiating his way into the Imperial bureaucracy, the spy infrastructure, and the ISB informants list, making him one of the only aliens that is trusted with secure information. It is a mere technicality that he doesn’t work for the ISB since he was access to most of their trusted informants, and is paid well for the information he supplies. He still occasionally works for a criminal organization, but that is primarily to keep those channels of information open, and the same is true of the Coruscanti police. It has become very unwise to cross Kor, due to the fact that though he is probably incapable of doing much damage to you himself, he can order you dead, or report you to the ISB as a rebel sympathizer, in which case you’d WISH you’d been killed. Anka and Tran continue to live on Coruscant with Kor, and though he has allowed his rage to fuel his actions, they love and support him to this day.

Kor Ranckhor

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