The Red Talon Chronicles

The Story So Far
The Rundown ( or Weiners and Gonads)

Lt. Kalico’s invitation to loyal alien Imperial citizens was answered by 4 of the best in their field: Frederick Jadestar, a Shi’ido Engineer; Kor Ranckhor, a Huralok Information Broker; Treen Bralisk, an Ishi Tib Bounty Hunter; and Kol, a Bounty Hunter. After a short briefing on Red Talon and their first target, a slicer named Belshen, the team headed out for Belshen’s last known location, Seswenna. Upon arrival they began scouring Lansig Port City for any sign of Belshen. In order to speed up the search the team split up with Kor and Fredrick working sources in the city and Xore, Treen and Kol headed out to the local Imperial Garrison to see if they had any information. Kor and Fredrick began by hitting a local middle class bar, Where Kor worked the bartender for information and Fredrick sliced into the local government network, searching for Belshen’s slicer fingerprint. At the bar, Kor sidled up to a rough looking woman and discovered that she was also looking for Belshen and started hitting on her in an attempt to soften her up before he tried to milk her for information. Unfortunately she didn’t have patience for his games and stabbed him with one of her two additional arms hidden under her cloak. Meanwhile, Xore, Treen and Kol found the garrison abandoned. It was immediately clear that the garrison had been attacked and the troops dismantled by an efficient force. While searching the compound, they found the garrison commander, General Ansbah, with a hole blown through his head and his hidden computer destroyed. Upon removing the destroyed computer an alarm sounded throughout the facility and two Corellian Sand Panthers attacked the three Imperials. After a pitted battle, Xore and Treen each managed to kill a panther. Through some masterful slicing Frederick was able to salvage the hard drive of the destroyed computer. The information Frederick was able to recover showed that the late General and Belshen had a deal. Belshen would slice into the Imperial network and get the general out of this dead end deployment in exchange for protection. Unfortunately for Belshen, General Ansbah had earned this deployment through incompetence. The shellacking his troops took and the fact that the recovered files on the hard drive had minimal protection were evidence of this.

The crew went to the safe house that the general had set up for Belshen, The White Mynock, a local dive bar. Xore split off from the group and went up to building across from the Mynock to take up a sniping position. Upon entering the bar, Kor noticed the four armed woman from the first bar holding a vibroblade to the throat of the bartender. He quickly directed the others to a booth. As soon as they sat down, Frederick sent out a panic code to Xore’s comlink. The four sat and watched as vicious looking Dashade dragged Belshen out of a back room and headed for the door.

Finally Kor nervously scratched at his cheek tattoo, weighing his options, and quietly let out a sigh… Whispering just barely audibly he said, “Well we ARE at a disadvantage! But for force sake, somebody needs to DO something about this, and if it HAS to be me, well then it’s been nice knowing you sons of banthas!” After this, muttering hotheadedly under his breath he began repeating his personal mantra, “Damn it, why am I doing THIS!” Followed by a near silent stream of obscenities the likes of which would have made most smugglers’ jaws hit their ankles!

Crouching to crawl under the table Kor reached down to his belt and thumbed out a hidden vial of liquid, he had wished to keep this particular trick a secret, but the complete lack of action from his stunned compatriots meant he was now on an uncharted road, which in the best case would leave him in a very bad way, and without any aces up his sleeve for the future…

Crawling quickly across the aisle, to hide behind a column, Kor moved as close to Lassenka as possible, halving the distance between the two of them with much expediency and then stood carefully, quickly and as quietly as an ice scrabbler, behind the closest obstruction he could find, a pillar. Peeking warily around the pillar his back is against, he took a close look at Lassenka to try and get a feel for what she might be carrying under the cloak.

Wanting nothing more than to light a fresh cigarette, but knowing that would defeat the point of being sneaky, Kor thumbed the screw cap off of the small vial, letting it fall to the floor. Taking a breath to psyche himself up for what’s was to come, he turned out from behind the pillar, at first just standing next to it and trying to attract her attention silently. Then, as loud as his rattled voice would let him, he yelled “Heya bitch, where’d’ya think you’re taking my employee?!? He’s still got eight hours of work, get your dirty hands off of him!” Immediately after saying this Kor proceeded to unbutton the fly of his pants, and pull out his full genitalia with his left hand, exposing himself to Lassenka, the bartender and all of those at the bar. Hoping that for just a second his penis and balls which are now on the outside of his clothes, and which he is thrusting toward her in as offensive and as disconcerting of a way as possible, has pulled her attention from his right hand, he threw the contents of the vial directly in her face, trying his best to hit both her eyes and both of her nostrils with the transparent fluid. Kor took a step back flailing and trying his best to draw the attention of the entire patronage. And with a quick motion he dropped a cigarette into one hand and his torch into the other, throwing the smoke to his mouth. The cigarette bounced off Kor’s lips and fell straight down, the red hot cherry landing directly on his junk, burning him right as he tried to signal the group to attack. The group watched as all this unveiled, not quite sure of what to do while Kor gesticulated widely having not seen the cigarette toast his nuts. Fortunately for Kor the vial had its intended effect and the Codru-ji just stared at his beautiful, harry balls. The Dashade began screaming at her, trying to get her to react. Finally the others decide it was time to act. Kol got shot. Just then a man sitting at the table right in front of them, flipped his table over, produced a DC-15, and opened fire. The same scene happened right then at two other places in the bar, while Xore and another man with a severely scarred face came bursting through the front door firing. This snapped the four-armed woman out of her trance, and she threw a vibroblade that buried in one of the overturned tables. The Dashade, dragging Belshen back towards the kitchen and firing his pistol, was hit in the shoulder by one of the men. Belshen sensing his chance broke away and dove behind a table, where Kor jumped on top of him, pinning the Ubese to the ground. Suddenly a third enemy, a T’surr, opened the kitchen door providing covering fire for the Codru-Ji to jump over the bar counter and drag the wounded Dashade back into the kitchen and out the back door.

“Let ’em go!” ordered Xore. Turning towards the scarred man, he said “Have your men secure the area.” The scarred man nodded to the three men with DC-15’s, whom immediately spread through out the establishment securing the entrances. Xore walked over and checked Kol for a pulse. Kol was dead. Then he walked over to Kor, extended a hand, and helped the prostrate Huralok stand. “Good work Kor, MVP. Belshen, you are under arrest by the authority of the New Imperial Order. You will come with us.”

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