“Congratulations, You have been selected to participate on an elite Imperial taskforce. After an extensive search of all Imperial allies and servicemen, your skills and abilities have set you above the rest. You also possess the most valuable skill to the New Order, loyalty.

Now that the threats of the Separatists and Jedi are waning, the New Order has restored a fragile peace to the galaxy. In that effort, all dissident factions operating outside of Imperial Law threaten to shatter that peace. Red Talon is one such group. Red Talon is the criminal organization headed by Rantu Calden, an Adarian Noble who formed the organization in the wake of Loski the Hutt’s demise. We know little more about him or his organization besides the fact that they specialize in bounty hunting and work outside of the authority of the Bounty Hunters Guild. More recently Red Talon has begun targeting loyal and lawful Imperial citizens and has refused to capture Imperial laborers who have escaped and have been implicated in thwarting Imperial efforts to that end, most especially when one of our valuable Wookie resources at stake.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to dismantle Red Talon and end it’s threat to the Empire. Please inform me when you have made a decision”

Long Live the Emperor,
Lt. Xore Kalico
Imperial Security Bureau

The Red Talon campaign takes place 2 years after Order 66, the hunt for rogue separatists and Jedi continues but their threats have been mostly eradicated. As far as most of the galaxy is concerned the Empire is the good guy, Palpatine’s propaganda campaign against the Jedi has widely been well received. Though there are the beginning seeds of rebellion in the air, as Alderaan is a quiet detractor, and Naboo is making louder complaints against the Empire. Xore Kalico is an up and coming ISB agent, who is looking to distinguish himself and Players will be working closely with him on their assignments. There is already a strong anti-alien bias in the Empire, so please be conscious of that while selecting a species for your character. I do not want everyone to play Humans, but I am not allowing species like Mon Calimari, Wookie, or any other predominantly rebellion oriented species without an amazing backstory. I will only allow one player to be a Force User, (the character must be a member on the Imperial Inquisitorius and Human). The only other rule I have for generating a character to fit in this campaign is that you must be truly loyal to the Empire. No double agents please.

We will be using second edition WoTC Star Wars Roleplaying, and I will allow most source books to be used. Characters will start at level 5, the six ability scores are 12,14,14,14,15 & 16, Alien character will start with Imperial sympathy of 3 and human characters start with Imperial sympathy of 2.

The Red Talon Chronicles

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